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Event exclusive! Secret source sheds light on extraordinary day

With Hovis London Freewheel set to take over the capital’s streets on Sunday 23rd September, the city is abuzz with wild theories about the (up until now) top-sec

ret entertainment organised for the day. So amid the speculation about 40-wheeled bikes and rumours of free sandwiches, we cornered an anonymous insider and got him to spill the beans.

While he couldn’t talk for long, we managed to gather that at the start of the day, the hubs are definitely the place to be with free cycle health checks and the mass bike rides to the central route happening from 11am-4pm.

We were also told that that the route itself will see plenty of action too as cyclists will get the chance to ride through a special ‘Silent Zone’, plus get their photo taken by a professional photographer at one of three Hovis Photo Points. And that’s before the riders hit St James’s Park! When they arrive, they’ll have six whole hours of entertainment to keep them occupied including stunt and trick-bike extravaganzas, the chance to have a go on some weird and wonderful bikes – plus plenty more.

We asked our source for what ‘plus plenty more’ meant exactly, but he mumbled that he’d already “said too much”.

Shortly after revealing these top-secret details, he hurriedly disguised himself as an old lady and hobbled back to the safety of the Hovis London Freewheel HQ.