Getting there is half the fun (well, almost)

The folks behind Hovis London Freewheel reckon that getting there is going to be just as much fun as the event itself.


You can meet your friends either at, or on the way to, one of six Freewheel Hubs. These will be special areas in some of London’s most famous green spots, like Finsbury Park and Clapham Common. Each will have all you need to get ready for the day ahead, like refreshments stalls, experts to help with any bike troubles, and toilets. (Sadly, it seems they stopped short of a team of highly-trained masseuses).

From there on, you can ride with a small marshalled group into the centre of London. Groups leave every few minutes and the pace, mercifully, will be easygoing. You’ll be on roads with traffic until you reach the centre, then you’re free to spend your Sunday exploring the capital on two wheels on a bike-only route (beats the Eastenders omnibus any day).

All you have to do is decide which hub is best for you and then arrange a time with your friends. Alternatively, just do what I plan to and make some friends when you get there.

And of course, if you live somewhere that’s close to Central London, you can just join the central circuit at one of the entry points marked on the map. It’s open anytime between 11am and 4pm.

No wheels? No worries

At first I thought my lack of an actual bike might hold me back from taking part, but it seems the people at the mayor’s office have even thought of that. You can hire a bike from any of these shops.