Event details uncovered

We have exclusively uncovered the crucial details of the day. This map shows the circuit of London streets that will be open only to cyclists.


“It’s a chance to enjoy a view of London you’ve never seen before” said Mark Watts from the Mayor of London’s Office. “You can pedal at your leisure past sights like The Houses of Parliament, the Thames and Buckingham Palace. It’s free and anyone can be part of it – so sign up now.”

The entire route is only 9 miles in total. So it’s not some grueling cycle marathon, it’s just a nice day out for the whole family.

However, it’s not just about cycling this route. According to organizers, getting there will be half the fun, with a host of Freewheel Hubs around the capital where people can meet up and cycle in together. Plus, once you get there, you can stop off and chill out at The Freewheel Festival.

 New York also invaded

This isn’t the first cycle invasion of a major city. Each spring, the streets of New York are closed to anything but two-wheeled traffic and citizens who want to exercise their pedal power. An event which has been captured on video for you to witness here.