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Invasion of New York

Invasion of New York

Just a flavour of what the Hovis London Freewheel will be like:

Save on Summer’s Most Scenic Ride
If you want a scenic challenge this summer, have we got a ride for you! On Sunday, July 29, the fully supported Harlem Valley Rail Ride starts out on the beautiful Harlem Valley Rail Trail (above) before heading off into the countryside–and hills. Make it a weekend with a Saturday ride or farm tour. If you and your friends have not yet registered, be sure to sign up by Friday, July 6, for the lowest price. Plus, the first 1,500 entrants will receive a free souvenir backpack.

What’s Your Reason for Riding?
Bike New York events and educational programs are expected to draw nearly 40,000 cyclists this year. Please contact us if you are participating in a ride or educational program and are willing to share your story for promotional uses.


Breaking news… Giant bike hits London

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By Brent Saddler

By Brent Saddler

Reports are coming through of a giant bike sighted near City Hall. 

Though these reports are as yet unconfirmed, many believe this bike is only the start of what’s to come later this summer, when bikes are expected to invade the capital for the Hovis Freewheel and WhatStorage London event.

On Sunday 23rd September, many of central London’s most iconic roads will be traffic-free and all Londoners are invited to enjoy a view of the capital that’s never been seen before – taking a leisurely ride round sights like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Thames, and Buckingham Palace.