Conditions of registration and participation

Most of these conditions are designed for your safety and the safety of other riders. Please read them carefully to avoid problems later.

  1. All riders must complete the registration form.
  2. The ride is designed entirely for bicycles (i.e. non–powered cycles).
  3. Riders under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. While the organisers, managers and promoters of the ride will do all in their power to make the ride safe all riders take part at their own risk. All riders must ensure that their bicycles are in a roadworthy condition, must observe the rules of the Highway Code and follow the instructions from officials and marshals and the Police. NB: Neither the GLA, TfL, the organisers, managers or any sponsors or promoters of the ride accept responsibility for any injury sustained or property damaged in the course of the Ride in the absence or negligence or breach of statutory duty on their parts.
  5. The GLA, TfL, the organisers, managers, sponsors and promoters of the ride cannot be held liable for injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of taking part, howsoever arising nor can they accept any liability for any changes made to the ride for safety reasons or as otherwise planned through circumstances beyond their control.While we go to great lengths to ensure that the ride is organised to enable participants to be as safe as possible at all times we must make it clear that all participants in the ride take part entirely at their own risk. You are therefore advised to comply with our safety guidelines.
  6. Cycling can be strenuous and riders must be in good health. Riders who have any doubt about their health or have a medical condition that could be affected by exercise, particularly a heart condition must obtain their doctor’s approval before participating.
  7. All riders must be reasonably fit. If you are not regular cyclist we recommend that you go for a bike ride two or three times a week for several weeks in advance of the ride, gradually increasing the distance you cycle.
  8. All riders are advised to wear a cycle helmet. Riders should also carry suitable means of identification clearly showing their name and the contact number of a relative or friend who should be contacted in emergency.
  9. The GLA, TfL and the sponsors of the ride may take photographs of the ride and riders for publicity purposes. By registering to participate in the ride either on your own behalf or upon behalf of any rider under the age of 18 you agree that photographic images of or containing you or those under 18s upon whose behalf you have registered may be used by the GLA, TfL and the sponsors for publicity purposes.
  10. If and when you participate in the London Freewheel, only official bike parking spaces should be used. Neither the GLA, TfL, the organisers, managers, sponsors or promoters of the ride accept responsibility for any loss or damage when using such parking spaces and the organisers and managers of the ride reserve the right to remove bikes chained to unofficial bike parking areas.